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Co-founder of The Babe Movement, I am

...a Business Coach

...A Marketing and Brand Specialist

...A Personal Brand Coach

...A Motivator

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As a child I have always been creatively-inclined and someone who was churning new biz ideas even in my sleep. At the time, I didn’t know what that was, all I thought was wouldn’t it be fun if we could….

I remember when I was 7, I had built my first juice shop from a washing machine carton. It was Summer, in Dubai, it must have been 45 degrees, it was hot, stuffy and cramped inside that carton, but that didn’t matter, I was having the time of my life!


I recognised my passion for marketing early on and knew deep in my bones that I was meant to be an entrepreneur, when kids in uni were still figuring out career directions, I knew what I wanted since I was 12! My goals were set and mapped out.


A few years out of Uni, I was the corporate girl working in top Branding Agencies in the world, developing brand strategies for some of the top International and Regional brands like Emaar, Al Qasba, Asia Asia Hotels, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and Al Tamani Hotels and Dr. Sulaiman al Habib Hospitals.


Somewhere down the line, my priorities in life changed, marriage and children had taken the front seat, It has been a beautiful journey so far, for which I am blessed and very, very grateful!

But at the back of my mind, I missed that high-spirited and ambitious girl, who had over a dozen passions and would jump on any chance of working on a project. I felt unfulfilled and annoyed with myself, yet I didn’t want to be ungrateful for all the blessing I had in my life, but I wasn’t moving anywhere with my Life’s Purpose.


But in the Spring of 2019, that purpose was finally realized when we had just launched The Babe Movement. It was a platform where I could connect with women who shared my passion for entrepreneurship. While getting the chance to use my skills I had learned and developed over the years, but not for the Big Boys out there, but rather to help Babes with Start-ups. I was pumped to mentor these women running small businesses, so that they can stand out and compete in Dubai’s tough and very competitive market.


It has been a year since we introduced The Babe Movement, we are growing bigger, moving faster and meeting many, many more amazing Babes. To date, I can still feel that surge of energy every time I am involved with a Babe Start-up.


Although, I’ve got a long way to go with many plans for The Babe Movement, but for now, I am living my dream and this is my high-life!


my experience as a brand strategist

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