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We understand that starting a business can be daunting and overwhelming. Thankfully you are not alone, we at The Babe Movement want to provide the support and guidance you will need to steer any business or project.

The Babe Movement is a Dream Incubator that helps Everyday Women realize their big dreams and passions in life and helps them navigate through these goals, by providing them with the direction, tool kits and strategies they would need whilst running their Babe Start-up or Passion Project.

Everything has to start with your WHY?

Before initiating any Small Business, Career-move or Project, we make sure our Babes explore their Why and understand their Core Purpose in Life- Which always results in a longer-lasting commitment towards any goal!


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Our Vision is to  Help Women Reach Their Full Potential

We are a community, a safe space where women can feel confident and empowered to work towards their dreams.


We are a Dubai-Based ‘Exclusively for Women’ Platform, but offer our love, support and services to Entrepreneurs, Artists, Strategists, Crafters, Writers, Bloggers, Execs and Dreamers across the world!





The Babe Movement started with the journey of two souls, who always wanted to do more… but with time had become lazy, busy with life and happy with their comfort zone. But these was always a nagging feeling- a feeling of unfulfilled and unaccomplished.


‘We had lost sight of all ambitions and passions, we once had and traded for the comfort zone, we had come to love. Starting something new was daunting, unknown and uncomfortable. It required moving out of the comfort zone, taking risks, organizing ourselves, planning while managing our families, making a commitment, putting in the extra hours and getting the work done, even if it meant stay up much much later at night…  In the end I must say it was all worth it!

When we looked around there was no community or platform that could guide us on how and where to start- we did however, come across a lot of women with hopes, many questions and lots of frustration.

‘I Feel Lost’

‘I love being a mother, but I am much more than just a Mother’

‘I don’t know how and where to start?’

These questions initiated the chain reaction that is we now know as The Babe Movement, A platform for the everyday women with big Entrepreneurial spirits!

Both of us have many years of experience in different industries. One was a Business and Branding Consultant, while the other works as a Personal Development Expert. So, we put our knowledge and skills into practice and to guide these Babes.



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Helping Women Re-write their own stories

I am Senior Branding Consultant , Digital Expert , Mentor to hundreds of Women-owned Businesses , Podcast Host , Women's Financial Independence Advocate

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