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I will be writing, once again

I hate writing... there I’ve said it! But...

as much as I would prefer to keep myself out of any situation that requires me to write post captions, advertisements, websites, or content copy, it is my least favorite thing to do. But, I have come to term with the fact that text/wordings/copy is just as important at the design.

Being a more creative-inclined person, I always thought that would be my go-to for all things to communicate. But, I have slowly come to realize the power in words... which is why I have for a period in time, somehow convinced myself to start writing blogs again.

whilst I can’t guarantee a pleasurable reading experience for anyone on the other side of this screen, but I am promising myself to add more valuable and interesting content that helps you become the power babe that you are. All the while trying my very best to be genuinely 100% authentic and absolutely ‘Myself’... haha let’s see what you think about that?

so here it goes...

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