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  • Your Business Besties Support Group


    34 US dollars
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Welcome to SheBiz Squad,

a transformative initiative by The Babe Movement.


We're thrilled to introduce and invite you to our ‘FIRST’ FOUNDER’s cohort of a

Business Besties Support Group, a unique micro-community designed for women entrepreneurs, where we're dedicated to helping you thrive and partner with your journey of entrepreneurial success.



The Babe Movement has been the catalyst for numerous success stories:

  • Members achieving their business goals with the support of our community.

  • Businesses flourishing through the power of referral partnerships formed here.

  • Collective problem-solving and creative brainstorming leading to remarkable solutions.

  • Lasting friendships and support that extend beyond business, becoming an essential part of each member's journey."

  • In this new initiative we want to create the same results with a ripple effect that goes beyond attending networking meet-ups or community watsapp groups.

  • We invite you to make a commitment, joining us for at least 4 months. This commitment allows us to foster strong, enduring relationships and drive substantial success for every member."

What Is Included And What Are The Benefits

  • Find accountability partners who will inspire and challenge you.


  • Cultivate a trusted network of referral partners for your business.


  • Elevate your online presence through our social media support system.


  • Join monthly/ bi-monthly Co-working sessions, a dedicated time for productive work.


  • Tackle bi-monthly business challenges and ignite your creative problem-solving.


  • Receive personalized 30-minute coaching sessions directly from our founder.


  • Access exclusive group discounts for vital services, saving you money on essential resources."- such as social media and event management, photographers, studios, and podcasting


By joining SheBiz Squad you'll experience remarkable personal growth, discover cost-saving opportunities, and become part of a thriving network of women entrepreneurs."

Image by Estée Janssens

To secure your spot and delve into the enriching experience of our community, a monthly membership fee of AED 125 is required. This fee covers both your sign-up and membership subscription for the month of January. The cohort officially commences on January 15th and spans the next four months, concluding on May 15th, 2023.


Becoming a part of SheBiz Squad is accessible with a monthly membership fee of AED 125, ensuring the sustainability of this support group’s activities, management and resources.


We require a 4-month minimum commitment. We shall do a renewal round after every 4 months, where you can have the chance to analyze your results, benefits and choose to continue to be part of your micro-community.

As part of our exclusive 'Founder First' launch and testing cohort, you'll be among the first to experience the exceptional benefits of SheBiz Squad.

Founding members of this support group are receiving a never-after-discounted rate of just AED 125 per month – a special opportunity to access our exceptional resources at a minimal cost.



But it's more than just a discount.

By joining our founder group, you get to actively participate in shaping and building the very structure of our community. Your insights, feedback, and demands will be instrumental in molding the group's offerings to your needs and preferences.


We're dedicated to closely listening and responding to your input, ensuring that SheBiz Squad aligns perfectly with the demands and requirements of the group. Your voice will guide us in creating a dynamic, supportive space that caters to your unique aspirations.


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